PP 37 scaled Black panjabi

Black panjabi

Panjabi is a sophisticated piece or attires that render a royal and majestic look. Crafted to perfection using a myriad of materials.There are several colours available for panjabi but Black is the best and most preferred colour for men’s panjabi.face2.com.bd has wide range of black panajabi collection.We have Sahara,Premium,Platinum,Luxury Variety of panjabi.We make our Product By Organic Cotton that is better for health and also environment.FACE 2 is the Leading Panjabi brand of bangladesh taking 39% market cap.The latest Panjabi designs are readily accessible online, and you may choose from a selection of fabrics, colours, and patterns.We have several showroom across the country and we are expanding globally.We provide both online and home delivery service for our clients.Order Black panjabi From our Websit : face2.com.bd.

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